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THE WONDER explores perspectives, rituals, and observances of modern, naturalistic, Earth-revering Neopagan religious paths. Naturalistic Pagans embrace the world as understood by science (that is, without gods, magic, or the supernatural), and enhance our lives with myth, ritual and activism. Hosted by Mark Green (author of ATHEOPAGANISM: An Earth-Honoring Path Rooted in Science) and Yucca (formerly of The Pagan Perspective YouTube channel, now of the Magic and Mundane channel).

Named #4 in the top15 Pagan podcasts for 2022! https://blog.feedspot.com/pagan_podcasts/

Interview with Jon Cleland Host - Naturalistic Paganism

June 22, 2020

Find more of Jon Cleland Host's material at http://www.naturalpagan.org

Cosmala: http://solstice-and-equinox.com/universebeads.html

Additional info at humanisticpaganism.com and the naturalpagans.com blog aggregator site.


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